December 19, 2016 · salt-cloud proxmox cloud plex


It's December 17th. In a month and a half, I'll have lived in the Boston area for a year.


I have one week left of work this year, then HBG is off for Christmas week.

I'm currently working on coming up with my projects for the week so I don't get bored.

## hypervisor.

(proxmox and plex are now things in my env)

I want to rebuild my lab Hypervisor. XenServer is nice and all, but the community support and tooling just isn't there.

Right now, I'm planning on burning everything to the ground and installing Proxmox.

Once that's a thing, I'll be rebuilding my Plex VM so I have something to watch.

I'll also price out some RAM and see about doubling my RAM.

## saltstack.

(I now have a salt master in my env)

Saltstack is the big reason I'm wanting to rebuild my hypervisor.

Xen is nice, but the client is Windows-only and I want to get into using more salt-cloud.

Once my salt-master is in place, my goal is to replicate(-ish) what we're doing at HBG so I have a place to play at home.


This is more of a for-fun thing I'm not really planning on releasing.

This is a joke about some software HBG Infrastructure is trying to tear out. This will be mostly a overview dashboard of our systems.

Will this get done over break? Probably not


Why should chef have all the cool infrastructure testing tools?

I've started playing around with automating Vagrant and the Python testinfra module.

test-kitchen is a great tool for Infrastructure as Code. However, it's a Ruby tool and requires a
Ruby toolchain to get going. You know what doesn't use Ruby and the people working with it probably wont have a Ruby toolchain installed? People using
Saltstack or Ansible.

I've done a little bit, but will it get done? Maybe.


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