I'm not super great with writing about myself, it aways feels weird.
So, who am I?


As of my writing of this, I'm 34 years old and living in the Greater Boston Area.

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I'm currently a DevOps Engineer with Mobile Heartbeat, formally Infrastucture Engineer at Hachette Book Group, formally formally IT Specialist III at the State of Vermont

I'm just figuring this out. My main tasks right now is automating our internal services using Saltstack. Currently our it takes our QA Department a few days lead time to get new environments up; my goal is to get them to a few minutes.

These days, professionally, I'm most interested in the things happening in the DevOps/SRE space. I love Python, I'm getting into Docker more and more, and I want to get better at Golang.


Outside of work, I'm an avid musician and tabletop gamer.

Currently music-wise, I'm in Drug Blood doing vocals.
Past work I've done is here:

this site.

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