about me

I’m not super great with writing about myself, it aways feels weird.
So, who am I?


As of my writing of this, I’m 31 years old and living in the Greater Boston Area.


I’m currently a DevOps Engineer with Mobile Heartbeat, formally Infrastucture Engineer at Hachette Book Group, formally formally IT Specialist III at State of Vermont
I’m just figuring this out. My main tasks will be automating our software deployments to client sites. I’ll update this when I get a roadmap in place.
These days, professionally, I’m most interested in the things happening in the DevOps/SRE space.


Outside of work, I’m an avid musician and tabletop gamer.

Currently music-wise, I’m in Kreisau Circle doing vocals.
Past work I’ve done is here:

this site.

There are a few technologies used to publish this site.

Hugo is used to generate the content from Markdown
Vim is used to type up my dumb thoughts
Github is used to host my thoughts
Ansible is used to deploy the static files
Digital Ocean is used to host the site